The Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use is holding the first public hearing on medical marijuana today and you can catch the streaming video here on the Florida Channel. Many, many matters and rules need to be worked out, but this is a brief glimpse on what could cause Department of Health deny or revoke an application. The department shall deny an application if an owner or manager:

  1. Has been convicted of a felony
  2. Was the owner or manager of a facility that had its license revoked
  3. Is under 21 years old
  4. Is a doctor who orders low-THC for patients
  5. Is a law enforcement officer
  6. Employed by the Department of Health
  7. Falsifies any portion of the application

In addition, a license can be revoked  if you don’t begin cultivation withing 60 days after an application’s approval or do not commence dispensing within 120 days of approval. There is much more to come. If you would like to speak with an attorney regarding one of the many future business opportunities associated with medical marijuana, give the attorneys at Siegel Siegel & Wright in Boca Raton, FL a call. Medical marijuana is not just wishful thinking, it’s already here. Don’t be left out; call Siegel Siegel & Wright today.