Our firm works in these areas of the law regularly, remains well versed, and is always up to date with the latest trends and changes to State and Federal laws and statutes.


Real Estate

Siegel & Siegel has been representing residents of the Boca Raton, West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale Florida areas and visitors for many years; a large portion of our practice centers on representing criminal defendants; many of those are DUI or DUS (driving on a suspended license) cases. Contact Us.



A contract,  by definition, is an agreement entered into by two or more parties with the serious intention of creating a legal obligation or obligations, which may or may not have elements in writing. The remedy for breach of contract is usually “damages” –  meaning monetary compensation. Contact Us.


Estate Planning

Our team of experienced attorneys can help you set up your will and trusts to protect your assets. We’ll work with you to ensure that your estate is handled as you wish in a simple and carefree process. Contact one of our partners today to discuss your unique scenario and we’ll walk you through the appropriate next steps. Contact Us.


Personal Injury

A personal injury lawsuit is a case filed in civil court against an individual or company that has caused you harm through intentional or negligent conduct. The most common personal injury claim is some form of car accident, but a lawsuit may be filed for virtually any type of injury, such as slip-and-fall or traumatic injuries. Contact Us.



Whether you have been arrested for a minor crime or major crime, our experienced attorneys can help you with your unique case. We have vast experience with DUI, drug charges, and more. Contact us to speak with a senior partner confidentially and get a free consultation about your situation. Contact Us.


Cannibas Law

It is imperative that you understand your rights and the legal implications of this new industry. We have a wealth of experience in synthetic drug and similar chemical compliance issues and are now poised to assist clients in the new medical marijuana industry and the associated rules and regulations. Contact Us.


We work as a single united team to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.