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Real Estate is no place for amateurs

Real Estate

Dara and Spencer Siegel have been representing Real Estate clients throughout South Florida in Residential and Commercial Closings for more than twenty years. We know how to smooth the way for a successful transaction and seamless transfers. Our happy clients are our greatest advertising, and we are lucky enough have thousands. We are also well versed in the areas of Real Estate Litigation including Loan Foreclosures, Tenant eviction, as well as Title and property line disputes.

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The confidence of knowing you have the smarter lawyer is the secret to business success

Helping Businesses Succeed

We know business, and we are ready to help you with yours. Whether you are starting your own new venture, or joining or buying someone else’s the importance of solid contractual understanding cannot be  diminished. We will also be there if you are sued, or need to enforce your contractual rights. Don’t go it alone.

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Planning is a gift you give to your children

Estate Planning

Our team of experienced attorneys can help you set up your Will or a Trusts to protect your assets and make sure your wishes are known and honored. The process is surprisingly simple and there is a plan to fit everyone’s needs and budget. Contact us to discuss your unique scenario and we’ll walk you through the appropriate next steps.

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What to do when a loved one passes

What to do when a loved one dies

Our team can help you understand the necessary steps for those who are left behind when a loved one passes. Even if there was no Will or Trust left behind, we still can make the process simple, and help to avoid any obstacles or pitfalls.  We’ll work with you to ensure that your loved ones estate is handled swiftly, efficiently, and with compassion. This is always a very difficult time for everyone, and we want you to have the confidence of knowing that every detail is being taken care of by an experienced professional. This is a time for the process of grieving and helping your family to move on. Reasonable flat fees make the process even easier on grieving families.

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We meet the nicest people on the worst day of their lives


Spencer Siegel has been defending individuals in criminal matters since 1994. Whether you have been arrested for a minor misdemeanor, or a major felony, he has the experience and knowledge to give you an edge, and get you the best possible result.  We can help if you are arrested for a DUI, Drug-related charges, Traffic Criminal matters, Sex crimes, Theft, Battery, and more. Contact us to speak confidentially about your case and get a free consultation. Contact Us.


If it was someone else's fault, we can help you.

Personal Injury

The most common personal injury claim is some form of car accident, but an injury claim may be filed for virtually any type of injury, such as slip-and-fall, Negligent Security, a dog-bite, or an intentional battery. A personal injury lawsuit is a case filed in civil court against an individual or company that has caused you harm through intentional or negligent conduct. Usually a lawsuit if filed if there is no settlement of the claim through negotiation. You need an experienced Trial Attorney, like Spencer Siegel, if you want to get the best settlement. Since 1994 Spencer Siegel has collected millions on behalf of his clients, and he is a respected and trusted advocate. He is the reason why so many people refer their injury matters to Siegel & Siegel, P.A.

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We work as a single united team to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.