Non-written (Oral) Leases in Florida

Perhaps you are a Landlord or Tenant and you’ve found yourself in a situation where you previously made an oral Lease agreement, but you don’t have a written lease, and now there is a conflict between you and the other party. You may be wondering what your options are, or if you have [...]

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How a Tenant can defend against an eviction

As discussed in a previous blog, a landlord in Florida must follow specific procedures if they wish to evict a Tenant. Fairly often, however, Landlords do not follow these procedures. So a Tenant may face the prospect of not having a residence, but with a solid legal case against a Landlord. Below are [...]

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When And How A Landlord Can Evict A Tenant

People are not always perfect, so residential tenancies are also not consistently excellent. Throughout a residential tenancy, a tenant may not always act in a way that the Landlord would want or expect. A Tenant may even contravene certain provisions of the lease. Some Tenants may even violate the law. But when do [...]

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