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Non-written (Oral) Leases in Florida

Perhaps you are a Landlord or Tenant and you’ve found yourself in a situation where you previously made an oral Lease agreement, but you don’t have a written lease, and now there is a conflict between you and the other party. You may be wondering what your options are, or if you have [...]

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What are some of the duties a Landlord and Tenant have towards each other ?

It is always easier when a Landlord and Tenant are on the same page and able to have a harmonious relationship. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. However, the Florida legislature has enacted certain statutes to try to ensure that Tenants and Landlords abide by certain duties toward each other. First and foremost, it [...]

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What should the Landlord do if the Tenant abandons the Premises?

If you are a Landlord and discover or believe that your Tenant has abandoned the premises, you have a few options under the Florida Statutes. How to determine if a property has been abandoned. Before a Landlord acts on the belief that a Tenant has vacated the property and has no intention of [...]

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How a Tenant can defend against an eviction

As discussed in a previous blog, a landlord in Florida must follow specific procedures if they wish to evict a Tenant. Fairly often, however, Landlords do not follow these procedures. So a Tenant may face the prospect of not having a residence, but with a solid legal case against a Landlord. Below are [...]

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When a Property Manager in Florida can handle an eviction without an attorney

Can a tenant be evicted without the involvement of an attorney? In Florida, the answer is yes. A property manager assigned by the property owner can perform an eviction but only under certain circumstances. As the number of absentee real estate owners rise and Property Managers are counted on more and more to [...]

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When And How A Landlord Can Evict A Tenant

People are not always perfect, so residential tenancies are also not consistently excellent. Throughout a residential tenancy, a tenant may not always act in a way that the Landlord would want or expect. A Tenant may even contravene certain provisions of the lease. Some Tenants may even violate the law. But when do [...]

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Florida’s Landlord/Tenant Law

You will find a summary of Florida's Landlord/Tenant Law on this page. It is not intended for the purpose of providing legal advice. For additional information, refer to Chapter 83, Part II, Florida Statutes (F.S.). Before You Rent If possible, arrange for a walk-through of the premises to identify any problems that should be [...]

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What are my options if my Landlord keeps my Security Deposit?

You gave your Landlord a security deposit before you moved in. You're ready to (or already did) move out. Now, your Landlord has informed you that he or she is keeping part or all of the security deposit. What might you do? This is a fairly common occurrence in leasehold situations. Fortunately, the [...]

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